Our Mission

Established in 2019, Justice 4 Us (J4Us) is an independent think tank that studies the root causes of Britain’s social, economic and legal problems and addresses them by recommending practical, workable policy interventions. Justice 4 Us’ vision is to give people in the UK who are experiencing the worst disadvantage and injustice every possible opportunity to achieve their potential.

Our Campaigns

mental health

Subgroups of populations are at higher risk of mental health problems due to greater exposure and vulnerability to unfavourable social, economic, and environmental circumstances. These also intersect with factors including gender, ethnicity and disability, which can have destructive consequences in many cases.

uk legal system for financially disadvantaged

Social justice and criminal justice are inextricably linked. Crime disproportionately affects financially disadvantaged communities, as well as those who have committed crime; as they are most likely to suffer from the causes of social breakdown such as drug abuse, poor literacy rates and lack of employment.

The need for greater support for victims of crime is every bit as important as aiding rehabilitation of offenders. It is paramount to creating a society where crime rates are low and the public feel confident about their safety, community cohesion and pride in local neighbourhoods.

employment & welfare

Due to Covid-19 welfare claims have significantly increased, and has exceeded 6 million – the highest level since the global financial crisis, unfortunately this had added to the regional inequality.

It has accelerated the change in the UK labour market, and has emphasised the pre-existing weaknesses in British society, those with lower skills and the poorest are the least likely to have the opportunities to work from home and the most likely to be affected by job instability, which is in turn will add to the increasing uncertainty and insecurity for Britain’s families.

Contributions & Collaborations

We are always keen to hear from those that believe they can make a contribution to our research, if you would like to be part of our social improvement journey please do get in touch. We also work collaboratively on research projects, if you would like to discuss next steps, please send us an email; admin@justice4us.org

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